1956 A Viennese Ball Virginia Brelsford *
Colleen Johnson*
1957 King Neptune’s Kingdom Mozelle Huffstutler*
Colleen Johnson*
1958 A Persian Ball Virginia Hedge*
Tudi Smith Crews*
1959 A Grecian Ball Geneva Grainger*
Cora Ellison*
1960 International Carnival Mozelle Huffstutler*
Mrs. Bob Wray*
1961 Oriental Ball Edith Patton*
Zoe Talbert*
1962 Derby Day Betty Sproule
Trixie Beall
1963 The Roaring Twenties JoAnne Henry*
Lindsey Wolf*
1964 A Grecian Garden Mary Elizabeth Fite*
Mary John Spence*
1965 Celestial Ball Joan Taylor*
Jo Ann Simons
1966 The Egyptian Ball Leola Speller*
Mary Frances Clark*
1967 La Ball Masque Louise Shaw*
Mary Ann Holotik*
1968 A Spanish Ball Judy Cotey*
1969 Olde English Ball Mozelle Huffstutler*
1970 On Wings of Song Janyce Gist
Jackie Gary*
1971 Silver Willow Ball Mib LaTourette
Johanna Pietsch
1972 The Circus Ball Rusty Fletcher
1973 The Old South Betty Robinson
1974 Imperial Dragon Ball Mary Dale Thomas
1975 An Evening in a Majestic Wild Kingdom Verna Hall
1976 A Star-Spangled Evening Carolyn Hammett
Joyce Hudnall
1977 Around the World Jan Clayton
1978 A Night on the Nile Dixie Sue Clay
Beryl Cobb
1979 LaBacchanal V’Ann Hine
1980 Through the Looking Glass Sally Dobbs*
Amy Faulconer
1981 A Night on the Left Bank Ann Freeman*
Marie Starling
1982 Manzanillo Madness Linda Sargent*
Janet Torrance
1983 Enchanted Dynasty Ann Hightower
Debbie Townsend
1984 New York, New York Joan LeSauvage
Joy Lockhart
1985 Windows on Winter Kathy Bright
Katy Bright*
1986 The Old West Camille Brown
Debbie Townsend
1987 A Night in New Orleans Cindy Kidwell
Marsha Harrison
1988 Paint the Town Red Maymerle Brown
Billie Hartley
1989 Mystery on the Orient Express Sandy Acker Shepard
Joyce Buford
1990 Flights of Fantasy Sharon Clark
Martha Walker
1991 Celebrate Vienna: A Winter Ball Lenora Clyde
Ellenor Clyde Greathouse
1992 Rodeo Drive Sandy Long*
Becky Robertson
1993 Enchanted Fantasy Claudia Jackson
Sandy Tindel
1994 A Royal Celebration Barbara Shtofman
Kim Battle
1995 Arabian Nights Virginia Shull
Margy Clark
1996 White Nights in Imperial Russia Norma Cotton
Linda Pesnell
1997 Stardust—A Little Night Magic Sheila Leatherwood
Joan LeSauvage
1998 Enchanted Quests of Marco Polo Charlotte Sanford
Paula Yarbrough
1999 Titanic Cindy Martin
2000 Millennial Montage Sheri Redden
2001 Kaleidoscope of Color Joan LeSauvage
2002 Rollover Beethoven Carrie White
2003 Le Cirque Sunni Brookshire
Cheryl Williams
2004 Nairobi Night A Symphonic Safari Barbara Bass
Holley Howard
2005 La Bella Notte Jill DeShazo
Ellen Peirce
2006 A Highland Fling Claudia Carroll
Lucinda Kittrell
2007 Midnight in Manhattan Mary Gammell
Julie Kerns
2008 Night at the Moulin Rouge Linda Rowe
2009 Carnival of Venice Sharon Eiche
George Ann Reed
2010 Sound of Music Annette Findley
LaVerne Gollob
Laura Hyde
2011 Red Carpet Ball Letha Bowen
Tricia Wiggs
2012 An Evening at the Plaza Catherine Harrison
Treacey Smith
2013 The Grand Ball Jennifer Dixon
Kristi C. Roberts
 2014 A Winter’s Dream Beth Whitney
Kristen Seeber
2015 BLUE Amy Lively
Kamala Scammahorn