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Jill Campbell, WSL President 2019-2020

Joyce Hudnall, Endowment Chair

Our Women’s Symphony League Endowment Foundation needs your continued support. The purpose of the WSL Endowment is to provide monetary resources for special projects and to assist in maintaining financial stability for our League at all times.

Each year as you return your WSL membership renewal, your consistent contributions help replenish the reserve funds that were needed in the financial downturn of 2008. It is our hope that our WSL Endowment Foundation will be fully restored with your generous contributions this year.

Endowment gifts are tax-deductible. Confirmation will be mailed to you, and notification of your gift will be mailed from the WSL to the family or person you wish to acknowledge with an Endowment Gift.

Prefer To Make Your Donation By Check? Download the Endowment PDF.

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