JSL Membership Responsibility




To be a member in Good Standing, each JSL Class member must complete the following:



_____1. Sponsor Requirement:

Your JSL sponsor (i.e. mom, step-mom, grandmother, or WSL member) must fulfill their WSL and JSL requirements by the WSL Ball. (See WSL/JSL Parent – Mom’s Membership Checklist.)




_____2. Working Concert Requirement:

You must work a minimum of two (2) ETSO concerts during your Junior year and work a minimum of one (1) ETSO concert during your Senior year. If for some reason you did not work the two (2) required ETSO concerts your Junior year, those working concert requirements must be made up prior to the WSL Ball your Senior year.




_____3. Attending Concert Requirement:

You must attend two (2) concerts total for the JSL program, of which only one may be a Tyler Youth Orchestra concert, prior to the WSL Ball presentation of your Senior year.




_____4. JSL Meeting Requirements:

Attend all JSL meetings during both your Junior and Senior years.




_____5.   Dress and Behavior Requirements:

You must dress appropriately for all JSL and WSL occasions and display proper etiquette and behavior. Ladies may wear only one small earring in each ear; no earrings allowed for men. For ladies and men, no visible additional piercings or tattoos. Men must be clean shaven. Must check in and be ready by time established. Cell phones must be checked in at all events.




_____6. JSL Fundraiser Requirements:

You must participate in the JSL Fundraiser both your Junior and Senior years.




_____7. Windsor Distinguished Service Award (optional):

In addition to being in Good Standing (completing requirements 1-6 listed above), a JSL member must accumulate an additional 12 volunteer credits, none of which may be required activities.