WSL Newsletter 2022-2023

Notes from our president, Carol Foley…

“Love is friendship set to music”-Jackson Pollack

Twelve…the number of musical notes from where all music is born. You don’t have to be able to read music to have experienced the magical combination of those twelve notes. Your favorite song made you sing into a hairbrush like Whitney Houston or dance around in your pajamas as if no one was watching. Only music has that kind of power. It can calm, inspire, make you laugh or even make you cry.

I started Junior High band class in 1978 as a flute player and my love of music blossomed. It wasn’t only the beautiful sound I loved but it was being part of a group that worked as a unit. I found it fascinating that if each instrument played their respective notes, together we could make a melody. I went on to play the piano, sing in the choir, join the orchestra and in case I sound like a geek, I even twirled a baton while marching.

It will come as no surprise to many of you to hear me say, I am a relational person.

I am all about people, being with friends & family, sharing life experiences with others and accomplishing big things as a group.

As the youngest of four sisters, I was the peace maker for conflicts as well as the instigator of our group fun and mischief. Well, not much has changed…I won’t hesitate to drag you with me to rush the stage at a concert and I will be the first to suggest a win/win solution to a problem.

Having served as Chi Omega President at Baylor, my 12+ years on PTA boards and countless other community leadership positions, I was being prepared to step into this role at WSL President. I believe in this organization’s ability to work as an amazing group of women and friends in support of the ETSO and to promote music education in East Texas. As a teacher, I have seen first-hand how music positively affects both the learning environment and individual student’s desire to excel. I am committed to helping young people develop into adults who love and support the performing art of music.

The symphony isn’t only instrumental solos. It’s each individual using their talent, collectively for the benefit of the audience. I am convinced the power of WSL is much like the symphony. Together we make the music happen. Together we fulfill our mission statement and ensure our community is exposed to world class symphonic music. I am grateful to be surrounded by so many talented women who step up for leadership roles and who say “yes” when asked to volunteer. My leadership style is also relational, I love working with others. I have enjoyed getting to know many of you as a new friend and I want to empower you to use your God given talents to make us better.

We have so much more fun accomplishing the mission of WSL together.

Carol Foley

WSL President 2022-2023


  • Be sure to visit the WSL website,, to make sure you are meeting all the requirements for active membership!
  • If you are part of the Executive Board or Full board, make sure you are keeping your notebook current, so it will be ready to pass on in the spring!
  • If you do not have your notebook, and you are part of the Executive or Full board, please go pick it up from Carol’s front door!

JSL Monster Bowl

Monster Bowl Notes from Christi Khalaf

The Junior Symphony League Monster Bowl was held on October 30th. It was a fun night of bowling, music, treats and a costume contest. Every JSL members was required to fundraise, and through sponsorships and pledges, this group raised over $8,000. $5,000 will be donated to the East Texas Youth Orchestra and the remainder will support the work of the Women’s Symphony League.

Fall Fresh and Friends

ETSO Opening Night