THE WOMEN’S SYMPHONY LEAGUE ENDOWMENT FOUNDATION is a resource which is used to support community music education, WOMEN’S SYMPHONY LEAGUE.and the EAST TEXAS SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA. We welcome contributions to our GENERAL FUND as well as donations given to HONOR or REMEMBER family, friends and others. Donations are acknowledged by mail immediately to all persons involved as well as published in the WSL NOTES newsletter. Thank you for always considering the WSL ENDOWMENT FOUNDATION in your giving.


FOUNDATION HISTORY: The Women’s Symphony League Endow- ment Foundation was established on October 18, 1978, with an initial deposit of $20,000. In the ensuing years, WSL members and friends in the community have been encouraged to make regular Endowment contributions to increase the fund’s monetary resources for use in times of need or opportunity. Beginning in 1990, the WSL BOARD began a plan wherein theLEAGUE’S budgeted funds remaining at the end of each fis- cal year are transferred to the Endowment balance. Therefore, on May 31, LEAGUE budgeted funds in excess of $1 ,000 are deposited into the Endowment Fund Trust account. Following that, distribution rules in the Endowment Fund Trust Agreement outline that by June 1,all current year interest income earned within the Trust Fund is to be given to the EAST TEXAS SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA.


To contribute, mail a check made payable to the WSL ENDOWMENT FOUNDATION or visit our online endowment form. 

VERY IMPORTANT: Include your name and address AND the names, relationships and addresses of those remembered or honored to:

Women’s Symphony League of Tyler


P O Box 6823

Tyler, Texas 75711