Junior Symphony League

Maintain an Active Membership in WSL and comply with the Mom’s Responsibility as a Sponsor of a JSL Member you must fulfill the following requirements:

_____1. WSL Dues Requirement:

Pay annual WSL active membership dues of $65 by June 1st. If not paid by June 1st, WSL member will be dropped from membership and will have to apply for reinstatement and late fee will apply.

_____2. JSL Dues Requirement:

Payment form for annual JSL membership due is due by May 31st.

_____3. WSL General Meeting Requirements:

Attend two (2) WSL General Membership Meetings.

_____4. JSL Meeting Requirements:

Attend all JSL parent meetings; this includes but is not limited to the spring orientation meeting, the fall Ball meeting, the winter Ball meeting, etc.

_____5. WSL Fundraiser Requirement:

Included in the payment of JSL dues for the year is the purchase of two (2) WSL Benefit Ball tickets. This will satisfy your WSL fundraiser requirement.

_____6. WSL and JSL  Committee Placement Requirement:

Fulfill your committee placement requirements for both JSL and WSL.

_____7. JSL Ball Requirement:

All JSL Junior and Senior parents will plan on attending and staying with their child at the Ball.

Junior Mom’s failure to complete all of the requirements by May 31st  will prevent your JSL member from further participation their Senior year. Senior Mom’s failure to complete all of the requirements one month prior to  the Ball will prevent your JSL member from being presented in good standing with their class at the Ball.