Middle School Music

The Women’s Symphony League of Tyler is honored to announce the Middle School Music Scholarship. The $500.00 scholarship is awarded annually by the Women’s Symphony League of Tyler and the Junior Symphony League of Tyler.

The Middle School Music Scholarship application is limited to a legal resident of Smith County, Texas, who is currently an 6th – 8th grade student participating in a music program. The scholarship is to provide private instrumental, keyboard or vocal lessons, a music camp whose purpose is to enhance the applicant’s musical abilities, or the acquirement of a musical instrument. The Scholarship will be distributed to the recipient’s approved teacher on a monthly basis until the sum of $500.00 is depleted, to the institution providing the music camp, or to the music store to which an instrument is to be acquired. Funds must be used within one year from the date it is awarded.

The selection committee for the Middle School Music Scholarship is comprised of select members of the Women’s Symphony League of Tyler. All applicants must meet all the Rules, Guidelines, and Criteria to be considered, as the items required in the Application Packet are weighted equally and the awarding of the scholarship is based only on these components.

The Middle School Music Scholarship winner will be announced in the Spring.


Please include the following in your completed packet:

Your application Packet must be complete to be considered for the Scholarship.

Please email your Application Packet to wslscholarship@gmail.com or mail physical copy to:

Women’s Symphony League of Tyler
Middle School Music Scholarship
P.O. Box 6823
Tyler, TX 75711


You may also complete and email the application electronically.  Note:  If the application opens in your browser and does not allow you to fill out the fields, please download the application to your computer first, and then you will be able to fill it out and submit it.

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